Radiation Shielding Stackable Packs - VPAC


Dramatically cut installation time

Individual VeriShield modules are assembled into stackable packs to form a standard VPAC unit. Simply craned into position VPAC brings added speed, simplicity and efficiency to the construction of any size radiation shielded structure. The larger and more massively shielded the structure, the more VPAC can positively impact the construction process. In proton facilities, VPAC provides the perfect alternative to time-consuming concrete construction by cutting months off the average construction schedule.


Block Pack


Simplified installation process - Craned and placed into position using a minimal-sized crew. No manual handling of individual blocks - No curing time - Ready immediately for the next stage of construction - Shielding is not a critical path element.
  • Manufactured in a controlled factory environment to ensure consistent quality
  • Fabricated using site-specific densities and configurations of VeriShield modules – guarantees the most efficient shielding design
  • 100% Guaranteed attenuation
  • Build a typical radiotherapy bunker in less than a week
  • Retains all the benefits of modular VeriShield block – shielding can be disassembled, redesigned or reused
  • Stackable system - minimal handling of individual modules
  • Interlock to form a solid homogenous shielding structure.


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