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Radiation Shielded Sliding Doors

Bi-Parting DoorVeritas sliding doors are available in single-slide or dual bi-parting slide configurations.

Bi-Parting Design

Representing a dramatic advancement in radiation-protected door technology, the Veritas Bi-Parting door system is the paradigm of beauty, speed and protection.

Operated by an advanced electro-magnetic linear drive and computer interface, the Veritas Bi-Parting Door System is maintenance-free and provides reliable, problem-free operation. Redundant safety systems ensure personnel safety and, in the event of a power failure or other system malfunction, the system allows the door to function manually without fear of drive damage or the entrapment of personnel within the room.


Safety DoorOptional protective sliding glass safety doors, located both inside and outside the room, feature your choice of finishes and/or graphic image. Safety doors are independent of the shielded doors and prevent access during door movement.In addition to the safety systems, the doors also feature the ability to be opened manually in the event of a power-off condition. Each door leaf is free-sliding and independent when unpowered. No battery-backup or hand-crank mechanism is required.



Single Leaf Sliding Door

Single-Leaf Sliding Door System

Featuring the same operating and safety systems as the Bi-Parting Door, Veritas Single-Leaf sliding doors provide beauty, speed and protection using a single sliding leaf.

While open/close speeds are not the same as the Bi-Parting model, at 10-12 seconds it far surpasses the speeds of other door systems.



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