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Radiation Shielded Proton Doors

Veritas Doors have set the standard for radiation-protective entry doors.

Veritas doors' innovation and performance is unmatched in the industry. Now, with the development of a unique bi-parting door system, Veritas can offer the world’s first direct entry proton door system.

The exceptional attenuation properties of VeriShield and the unique mechanical features of the Veritas Bi-Parting Door, allows the construction of a door system that can replace the need for thick, space-consuming maze entry designs in proton facilities.

Operated by an advanced electro-magnetic linear drive and computer interface, the Veritas Proton Door System is maintenance-free and provides reliable, problem-free operation. Redundant safety systems ensure personnel safety. Protective sliding glass safety doors, located both inside and outside the room, feature your choice of finishes and/or graphic image. Safety doors are independent of the shielded doors and prevent access during door movement.

Radiation Protection Door

Veritas Proton Doors simplify the room design and minimize overall space requirements.

  • Provides a direct entry design option
  • Saves space and simplifies room design
  • 100% shielding guarantee
  • Unique linear drive system for smooth, reliable operation
  • Fast open/close speeds – eliminates the need for partial open sequence
  • Redundant safety systems for safe operations




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